Bilicrystal IV.3

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The Bilicrystal devices respond to the 3 main conditions of the intensive

phototherapy jaundice treatment formuted by the American Academy of

Pediatrics : Quality of the light, minimum emitted power and maximum

body surface covered by the light



  • The Bilicrystal.3 devices are phototherapy equipments designed to treat the physiological or acute jaundice in full-term or premature newborn infants.
  • It enables to treat all case of hyperbiirubinemia in very short time so avoiding any brain serious damages without needing to systematically resort to exsanguinous-transfusion.
  • A control box with its LCD screen ensures optimal patient cutaneous temperature monitoring ans permits to setup the treatment duration following the patrician's prescription.
  • A alarm system as for helps the user if problem occur requiring action by medical staff.
  • The device is equipped with mini-tube lights, specially designed by Medestime, emitting a broad wavelength band from 400 nm to 600 nm corresponding to the spectral absorption of the Bilirubin .
  • The mini-tubes do not emit energy in the ultraviolet (UV) bands . So no risk of exposing the newborn skin to UV rays
  • The devices are designed to be used with an open or close incubator

The emitted light from

the top ( coupole) covers

baby’s front body part

The emitted light from

the bottom ( light box)

covers baby’s bag part

Thus, We can say that this disposition covers the baby on 360°

More, the light box removable can be put into an incubator too

The Bilicrystal IV.3 :


  • Movable steel trolley with a large coupole and fitted with 4 casters whose 2 casters with brake.
  • Trolley painted in white polyester epoxy powder.
  • Coupole adjustable in hight ( in case of overheat)
  • Coupole equipped with 6 light mini-tubes referenced PLS 11W / 25000 K / 2G7.
  • Command box removable with LCD screen for the surveillance of baby’s temperature measured by the probe (small stainless steel disk dia 10 mm put close to Baby's ombilic) and for setting up the treatment time ( count down timer)
  • Box connexion with a power supply input (220 V – 50/60 Hz) and two outputs 160 W (220 V – 50/60 Hz) to the mini-tubes light (one output to the light box and one to the coupole)
  • Plugging with the command box and with the temperature probe.
  • Light box removable equipped with 6 mini light tubes referenced PLS11W/25000K/2G7.
  • Transparent cradle with 1 hammock frame support and 2 hammocks.
  • 1 temperature probe



Modulable version, consisted of 2 complete phototherapy systems

that can be used together for an intensive phototherapy treatment.


Bilicrytal DUO.3

Option :


Bilicrytal DUO.3



Bilicrystal TRANS.3

Bilicrytal DUO.3

Option :


Bilicrytal MONO.3



Bilicrystal TRANS.3

This disposition allows to the light to cover baby’s whole body ( 360°)


Or separately for an non serious icterus




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